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About TriVita the Company

The quick overview:

TriVita is a reputable and established nutraceutical company serving millions of customers, including many professional athletes and Olympians who use their products.

TriVita’s world-class facility is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, with the Sonoran Desert as their backyard.

TriVita’s choice to locate near the Sonoran Desert is important as the Sonoran Desert has one of the most radical climates in the entire world, and is home to the some of the most nutrient-rich plants known to man.

A few more facts about TriVita:

  • Celebrated their 10 year anniversary in 2009
  • Privately held company
  • Over 2 Million Customers
  • In excess of 6,000 Business Affiliates
  • “A” Rating with the Better Business Bureau

Ellison Media, Inc., who creates TriVita’s infomercials, generates over a billion dollars in sales each year for its clients such as GE, BMW, Motorola, Disney and many more. This allows TriVita to produce and show high quality infomercials and advertisements to promote this company and its products. site - Check out the Media Giant that produces the infomercials for TriVita!





What this means to you



First, the company is stable. Most businesses go out of business in the first 5 years. TriVita has more than twice surpasses this mark and is still growing rapidly. It is a very easy prediction to make that this company will be around for quite a while. You can be assured that you will be able to acquire products from them (and commissions) well into the future.


Second, with sales soon approaching and exceeding the one hundred million mark, the company is able to expand into new and exciting products and able to pay commissions amounting to thousands of dollars to its affiliate marketers..


Third, this is a privately held company. They won’t be forced to make decisions about their operation against their will. This means they will be able to continue to provide the high quality products and phenomenal opportunity.


Fourth, this company has a goal of over a billion and sales for the nopolea product.  This means sales well in excess of two million customers.


Fifth, the ratio of customers to affiliate marketers is totally unique.  This makes this company totally customer driven providing a very stable company model.


Sixth, this company is providing the highest quality of service and merchandise throughout its entire career earning itself the highest reputation with better business bureau and other reporting agencies.


Seventh, Ellison media provides a stable basis for continuing expansion.



The man behind the company:


The founder


Michael R. Ellison

CEO & Founder
TriVita, Inc.

Michael Ellison combined his passion for healthy living with his marketing communications expertise when he founded TriVita, Inc. in 1999. As CEO, he keeps the company mission-focused: helping people live more joyful lives through better physical, emotional and spiritual health. Mr. Ellison has over thirty years of experience leading his own businesses including: Ellison Media Company; Global Duplication & Fulfillment; and Ellison Research. Through Ellison Media Company, he helped many recognized non-profit organizations grow their outreach in the United States, Africa, Latin America, Australia, Canada and Europe.


TriVita CEO & Founder Michael Ellison has a mission. He wants to help people everywhere to experience wellness—and to create wealth for their life purposes. “Wellness is having the energy and vitality to do the meaningful and important things in your life,” he says. “To have daily positive emotions of love, forgiveness, gratitude and acceptance and to feel connected to God and His purposes for your life. Wealth is having the abundant resources to fulfill those meaningful and important purposes.”

For Michael Ellison, this mission became crystal clear when he experienced a personal health crisis at the age of 50. As he recovered and found his way back to health, he became determined to share his message of wellness and wealth with others. This led to his founding of TriVita in 1999, where he now leads the company’s ongoing pursuit of wellness and teaches others how to build wealth to fulfill their life purposes.

Helping people live healthier, more joyful lives continues to be Michael’s purpose and he brings this passion to the table in day-to-day operations at TriVita.


Inspiring people to experience wellness and create wealth for their life purposes.


To have people experiencing wellness and sharing their wellness experience with others, and being reciprocated with money and what money cannot buy.


TriVita also provides:


Cutting-Edge Research
TriVita works with physicians and professors at leading research universities to conduct studies and trials on some of society’s most pressing health issues. From converting cancer-causing estrogens into neutral estrogen to the effects of herbs and nutrients on hormone balance in women, their ongoing research relationships keep TriVita at the forefront of nutrition and health.

Leading Scientific Advisors
TriVita partners with expert Health Professionals and an all-star Medical Advisory Board to ensure that their formulas are of the highest quality and that they’re backed by the latest scientific developments.

Rigorous Product Development
TriVita’s mission is to not just meet regulatory standards, but exceed them. It’s their way of ensuring the efficiency, purity and safety of all their products.




With all these benefits, shouldn’t you be taking a very close to look at this company, its products and its opportunity?

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